Overview: Unicode fonts as the solution for multi-languages templates and the distributed content blocks in modular content.

In this project, I managed the creation, optimisation, and development for more than 30 markets and regions. These markets come across from America to Asia. It is a massive range of languages, alphabets, and styles that we need to support. 

Initial situation

The projects have two faces a digital part based on HTML and another part based on a PDF file. Before the edition in an in-house digital tool, we used a desktop tool that generates the pdf through the HTML file.

But with the integration of the tool in the Veeva system, the pdf should be generated differently because the security of the project JS scripts is not allowed than a non-match generated PDF.

This PDF generation requires a font file to generate it. When you do it without the proper font, languages like Chinese, Japanese or Arab are not properly rendered (white squares show up). 

Our digital font is Arial. We tried to find equivalents font in different languages, CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) among other alternative fonts. But it will cost a massive amount of time to create the new templates, and the workflow will be affected by an increase of manual steps (mostly done by the tools experts team, not the final user) and will make the marketeers and designers give up on the use of the tool.

-Research and investigation

After deep research on Asian fonts, And talk to the markets and developers about both sides’ requirements we found that:

To create a template our team needs around 8 hours. 

  1. To create a copy of the English template version. 
  2. To update template components.
  3. Switching of the brand definition.
  4. Update of the project in the Digital edition tool.
  5. MLR (Medical-legal review) needed.
  6. Expert needed to do it. 
  7. Train the Final user to do it.

To modify a brand definition:

  •  at least two work hours.
  • The number of brands is between 30 to 40.
  • Just an expert can do it.

Modify the font in the system:

  • Need sprint points from developers to update the system.


We found the solution implementing UNICODE fonts in our system, Which allows us to create any digital material and generation of PDF files without any modification of the existing templates, brand styles, or CSS code.

The saving of money and hours after this modification allows the team to focus on the User experience improvement of the project using the sprint points in other issues.

Thanks for read.