The case I show here is a real App I Worked As Art Director and Designer.

The Name of the company and the involved people as well as the logos are deleted for a confidentiality contract because the app is not in the market yet, but they allow me to use as reference in my portfolio.

The steps I usually take are:

01. Study the brief
02. Discuss with the client
03. Define the functionality
04. Flowcharts/Prototypes
05. Graphic style
06. Layout/Code
07. Internal Test
08. Client test
09. Deliver
10. Follow client experience

Client Requirements

The client wants an App to control one of their hot tube pools using phones, tablets, PC and smart watches.

Their idea was far from a real app because they wanted to manage all the parts of the pool including pumps, audio and chemicals when their products are not able to share that information even to control by the users.

What I propose to the client

Based in the budged and the time the client gave to the team I suggest some changes in the functionality of the app. I wanted to focus it in the user, as a person who want to enjoy a bath in a hot tube, but still needs to find information and how to solve the problems as soon as possible.

The functions in the app I propose are:

Limitation on the devices you can control the pool
Control of the Pool
Manuals & FAQ
Warnings, calendar & notifications
Online shop for accessories using Tmall and Amazon
Contact, After sales service and distributors
Tutorials and Videos