In this project, the client wants to improve the public search process on the current website.

This health insurance company wants to improve their online appointment system.

Appointment process

they ask for a location and at least one of the other fields.

In the First step, I made a study about the current site.

I found three main problems with it.:

  1. The search fields are not ranked correctly. Mandatory fields are not marked.
  2. Filters are insufficient. A page with advanced filters is necessary to locate something that you know all the data that involves several extra steps on another page.
  3. When using the search field (magnifying glass icon), the options are limited. When you are using it, you need healthcare terms knowledge. You cannot search for a toothache.
We cannot find a common word as itchiness

The second step was the creation of a persona that fit the profile of their client and the journey maps.


  • Woman
  • Client for more than ten years
  • She lives in a big city.
  • 31 to 45 Years old.
  • Medium-high Management job.
  • Limited personal time

She can be handled without problems on the internet (both in personal and professional use) and control daily platforms such as Amazon or Netflix. She performs searches, uses filtered content, etc.

Original Organic Search
Direct search from URL
Proposed Search

The third step is to set the functional scope of the online appointment process.

I chose to focus on the improvement of search fields.

 I am trying to improve responses to search suggestions and thus reduce results to a number more straightforward to manage for the user using the data we can save from the search.

appointment process workflow and wireframes online platform

Step 1: location.
Step 2: Therapeutic Area.
Step 2.1: After click the not sure button we can look for more options.
If we are not still sure we always can call or ask them call us.
We simplify the emergency options, with a Phone call.

Appointment list

we made the appointment faster with a simple filter in list view or map view.

Mobile version