Hi everybody.

Usually i dont use my website as sketchbook, i use my tumbrl and my Instagram accounts.

I do it for two reasons. First is the bandwidth of my server and second one, i can show more people than here.

So if you want my day by day sketches you cna visit them.

Also i have a lot of links in the botom of the website for other social media


Society 6 shop

Hi everybody,

After a crazy year of work (i will update little by little the website and the blog) finally i take a little time for my personal projects.

One of them is an online shop in society6. I think the quality of the products is very very good and i dont need to produce by myself (i will go on with my numbered and special edition of t-shirts and prints soon)

you can find my shop in the next link

thanks everybody for the time.

If you want to see my daily work you can follow me in tumbrl and twitter